4 Payiz, Bidar, Fereshteh, Tehran

Is it not proper to say that the most obvious 
things are usually the least noticeable? 
We clearly construct a space within an existing space. We then live in these spaces like boxes, and our psychic is formed accordingly. At most we exhibit in the white cubes. One of the questionable gifts of our civilisation in my opinion; is the invention of boxes and mazes. The way we conceive time and space through our body and architecture caused the famous psychiatrist , Willhelm Reich, to say that our physics and psyche occupy a space of non opposition.

In the "Domain" installation, we buried an old family habitat about to be demolished alegorically for a new one to sprout, in this case an eight storey luxury building for a community of nine families. Of my different functions in this project , what may be noticed is the role of an idea provider all the way long. 
When the final architectural plan materialized in the form of an eight storey skeleton under chief architect M. Majidi, I came up with my own choice of material.
thus a support process instantaneously created chances of doing many different installations. When this project became " situation", I was supposed to occupy the top floor for living.

At the time of the "Point Zero" installation in the white cube on the first floor of the new appartment complex, the project in which i had participated in it's concept and design had taken seven years of my time. During this period I had collected packages of the cigarillos that I used to smoke .
Using divers pieces of my paintings and photographs, I made collages with these 336 cigarillo boxes. Each cigarillo box housed a page of my hand written poetry that I had never published. These collaged boxes were then individually fixed over a brailly page of the seven volumed "Lost milleniums" by Professor Parvis Rajabi. The result was then allegorically packed in sealed transparent plexyglass boxes. When these were installed in different compositions in the white cube the whole process had become my living support; as if I was in a " No man's land" at the " Point zero"; where my physics and psyche became the material basis of my art.

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